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How can I transfer my property to my son and family member in Punjab, India | Which documents are required for property transfer | Registration Fees

As per new laws of Punjab revenue department, anybody can transfer his immovable property to his child, wife, parents during this living hood to avoid any family dispute after death. Which full detail is as under:-

How can I transfer my property to my son and family member in Punjab, India | Which documents are required for property transfer | Registration Fees


                                                         The following persons are eligible to transfer property under blood relation with full exemption in stamp duty and registration fees:-

  • Father to Son/Daughter
  • Grandfather to Grandson/Granddaughter
  • Maternal grandparents to Maternal grandchildren
  • Husband to Wife or Wife to Husband
  • Son/Daughter to Parents


  • Proof of Ownership i.e. Sale Deed / Latest Fard Jamabandi
  • Adhaar Card and Mobile Number of Property Giver
  • Adhaar Card and Mobile Number of Property Taker
  • Photograph of property giver in front of the property (Applicable in some S.R Offices)
  • 02 Passport Size Photographs of Property Taker
  • Adhaar Card and mobile number of all witnesses (04 Witness required)
  • Adhar Card or Identity Card and mobile number of Numberdar 
  • Kursinama/Family Tree attested by Numberdar


When you want to transfer your property which commonly known as Tabdil Malkiat in Punjab states. First, you need you to contact any Advocate or Deed Writer (Vasika Nawis) along with above said documents. He will prepare all draft and affix your appointment in the office of Sub-Registrar. On the fix day and time, both the parties personally appear in the office of Sub-Registrar along with all witnesses and Numberdar. The Sub-Registrar (Tehsildar) will register your document and keep one copy in his official record. You can take copy when you required. 


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