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Hello! Sat Shri Akal, Namaste! Aadaab!

Welcome to, Punjab’s most popular and trusted website for the information of legal works. On April 1, 2020, we launched our site!
The sole motive to start this website is to update knowledge of all citizens regarding the procedure of legal works. I noticed when people go to any government office like issuance of caste certificate, marriage certificate, sale deed registration etc they are misguided by some persons with the motive of over-charge. So I think if everybody knows about the detailed procedure of any legal work and know which documents required for their work legal then they can perform this task quickly. "Tehsil Wale Dot Com" is based on the ground level information of all works. On other websites, I notice the information provided is not relevant as per local rules. I himself a legal professional so that I am providing actual information of all legal proceedings in Punjab State. 

Here are the things you’ll find on WWW.TEHSILWALE.COM :

Property: In the column of property you will get information about, Sale Deed, Mortgage Deed, Gift Deed, Transfer of Ownership, Adoption Deed and all others work directly related to the office of Tehsildar cum Sub-Registrar.

CertificatesAll kinds of certificates needed in government offices to avail and facility and grand and required for admission, job purpose is explained in this column.

OtherWe also want to cover every update in the rules of law in Punjab State. So that we create the option of others for such kinds of works

Blogs in Punjabi and English Language: Now in this time there is no another website in Punjab which provide detailed information regarding legal works done in Punjab in the Punjabi Language. We especially want to update our NRIs regarding the rules and procedure of work done in government offices in Punjab. So we are providing all information in English and Punjabi both languages.


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